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Our company owns more than 4,000 articles which means that each of them are parts for your car but also the company sells other products like: car colors, oils and some other little things. These products are manufactured by the best companies of this sector, so only the brand is enough to mark the quality. OTO NETKO attained to bring you all this grand brands closer to you. Just visit us, we hope that one of 4,000 articles is the one you need. Oto Netko is general distributor for Macedonia of the following brands: Mahle Meyle Products ZF Victor Reinz HEPU DAYCO FRASLE KNECHT Filter, etc.
SACHS shock absorbers
Reducing the weight and at the same time heightening the comfort and increasing driving safety. These are the maxims of the suspension system technology made by SACHS. New materials as well as intelligent and optimized production processes are for us the basis for dependable and economical solutions.

1. Shock Absorbers for Cars
2. SA for Commercial Vehicles
SACHS clutches
Clutches made by SACHS More safety and dependability that you can rely on

Our customers' needs have undergone considerable change over recent years. Therefore our products develop from the single components to more complex systems.  

1. Clutches made by SACHS
2. Concerning Clutches
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