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Our company owns more than 4,000 articles which means that each of them are parts for your car but also the company sells other products like: car colors, oils and some other little things. These products are manufactured by the best companies of this sector, so only the brand is enough to mark the quality. OTO NETKO attained to bring you all this grand brands closer to you. Just visit us, we hope that one of 4,000 articles is the one you need. Oto Netko is general distributor for Macedonia of the following brands: Mahle Meyle Products ZF Victor Reinz HEPU DAYCO FRASLE KNECHT Filter, etc.
Clutch disc
Historically, the core business of LuK – what many people do not know is that this abbreviation stands for “Lamellen und Kupplungsbau”, in English disc and clutch makers - is clutches, the associated systems and the dampers in the power train. LuK’s rise to success started with the standard production of the diaphragm spring clutch. Today, the range spans much more: Besides developments in the self-adjusting clutch (SAC), the term clutch systems also comprises the complex “clutch and actuation” operation and the disengaging system...
1.  Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF)
2.  Clutch discs
3.  Clutch pressure plate
4.  Clutch relese systems
Components for Transmissions
As an engineering partner for automotive and transmission producers, LuK has access to comprehensive expertise for the entire 'transmission' system in almost all of its variants. This manifests itself in components for automated transmissions and double-clutch gearboxes, which today offer alternatives to conventional solutions and are achieved with the particular benefits of fuel consumption and dynamism. Together these transmission variants are characterised as the XSG range. But LuK has also set benchmarks in the area of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) with pulleys, flat link articulated chains and controls. On the US market in particular which is traditionally dominated by automatic transmissions, LuK is also known as a specialist in torque converters and lock-up clutches and supplies vehicle and transmission manufacturers. LuK supplies systems and components to customers around the globe, with the same first-class technology, quality and delivery standards, tailored to the special requirements of our customers.
LuK is also recognised for its expert knowledge of dampers in the powertrain. Future-facing developments, such as the dual mass flywheel and the torsion damper integrated into the friction discs have also contributed to guaranteeing driving comfort for today’s exacting driver. Extensive knowledge of vibration damping has resulted in engine dampers being part of LuK’s product range since 2003. LuK offers dampers integrated into the crankshaft or dampers for the compensation shaft.
Product line Tractors
1. Standard single clutch
2. - Standard double clutch
    - Double clutch with Safty PTO
3. Clutch discs for tractors
4. Dampers
5. Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder (CSC)
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