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HEPU® can look back on more than 40 years as a well-known manufacturer of high quality water pumps for motor vehicles. Wherever motors run and vehicles are used for mobility and transport, genuine HEPU® brand products are in demand.
Our accumulated know-how, comprehensive product quality, high supply reliability and close customer relations have made us the leading German manufacturer of water pumps. You will find HEPU® products at vehicle accessory retailers, workshops and repair centres all over the world.
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Oto Netko is a company about automobiles and is working with selling of their parts. You can find every kind of part for your car that you need and with the lowest price. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel and many others are our daily job. Although there are many companies in this segment, purchasing from Oto Netko is a distinction.

Our leadership in this segment is confirmation of that. We work with so many companies and we have many partners and maybe you will be one of
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